Suburban Restoration

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About Us​

Suburban Restoration was designed to help you after a water loss, or really any destruction that comes your way. From being open for over 10 years now we have developed into a commercial and residential builder. Suburban Restoration is located in Florida and Georgia with a partnership company. 

No project is too big but most of our project range from less than 1mm to no more than 5mm. Suburban Restoration has years of experience with site planning, erosion control, hurricane code, and requirements, remodeling kitchens, bathroom design, commercial build-out, and commercial construction 

Our Mission

We are hands-on each and every day with your project. Suburban Restoration reviews the builds and communicates with the owner about what is going on. Feedback is provided so you the schedule. 

Why Choose Us

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What are you waiting For?

A local builder that does both commercial and residential building we provide you the detail that you need to complete your dreams!

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